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Top 5 Favorite Social Media Planning Tools

I do a lot of social media planning every week. I plan for my own boutique and for my clients and that means a lot of designing, scheduling, editing, etc. To make the most of my time, I’ve discovered some wonderful tools that help me tremendously. These tools can help you in planning your own social media

 1. Planoly

Planoly is my absolute favorite tool for social media planning. Why? This is because it’s a visual Instagram planning tool. This means I can see how my Instagram is going to look when planned out in advance. It really helps when you are following a specific pattern with your IG posts.

Previously you could schedule your posts on Planoly and then you would have to manually post them to IG when notified at a specific time. A recent IG update has allowed them to enable auto-posting, which is amazing! Just make sure to read the IG guidelines on what can be auto-posted.

There is a small monthly fee in order to schedule over a certain number of posts, but I think it’s well worth it for the busy entrepreneur who likes to pre-plan their social media.

2. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is my main photo editing and social media creating platform. PicMonkey is a cheaper and more basic version of Photoshop, where I can go and edit pictures, create collages, design quote posts, etc. You can save templates in your account so you can reuse them over and over again.

The other wonderful thing about PicMonkey is that they have blank templates. They have templates in all of the most popular social media graphics sizes such as FB cover photos, blog graphics, Pinterest graphics, etc. It makes the design process very quick and easy.

PicMonkey does cost money to actually be able to download and save your designs, but the charge is minimal compared to how much I actually use it each week.

3. Canva

Canva is another graphic design platform, but what makes Canva different is the huge plethora of predesigned templates they have in their library. There are templates for almost anything. In fact, the graphic for this very blog post was designed in Canva.

There is a very helpful free version of Canva, but I highly recommend the paid version if you can afford it. This allows you the ability to upload your own fonts, save branding information in your account, and opens up access to thousands of more templates. Very helpful to those who don’t have the time or creativity to design their own.

4. Ripl 

I don’t use Ripl as much as I should, but this is a great tool for those who want a simple social media planning experience. Ripl could very well be used on its own in the paid version. It has the ability to create and schedule posts right within the app. But I use it more for the creation and then schedule the posts on other sites.

Ripl has predesigned video templates that allow you to just plug in photos, change colors, text, and music and schedule. It even has a feature where it recommends what type of post or the content of various posts in a specific order.

Ripl is great for small businesses who want quick and easy social media planning. It eliminates the need to spend a lot of money or time designing your own graphics.

5. Photofy

Photofy is a photo editing app on your phone that allows you to edit photos, add overlays of graphics or text, change borders, etc. I use this app for my personal IG page to create continuity through a white border on all of my posts.

This is the only platform that I haven’t upgraded to the paid version yet as I get a lot of use out of the free version. A small Photofy logo shows up on my pictures but for my purposes, it doesn’t matter at the moment.


Regardless of the combination of social media planning apps you use, make sure they help you to streamline and speed up your planning each week. You do not what to add time in figuring out how they work. There are an endless amount of these platforms you can use and I have only just touched the surface.

My tip to you, explore the free versions of each site before committing to a paid version. Only commit to a long-term paid version when you know you will absolutely use it to the most of its ability.

With a little practice and some help from outside platforms, social media planning will become a breeze.

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