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The #1 Thing That’s Going to Get You Paying Clients

There are so many things you should have to aid you in getting paying clients. (Refer to this post.) But there is one thing that without a doubt if you do not have this, you will never, ever, ever get paying clients. You may think this would be a stand out portfolio or the best certification in your niche… but it’s not.

The #1 thing you need to get clients that will pay you is a professional writing style that’s free of grammatical errors.

Yes, you must be able to write professionally without any mistakes. Gasp!

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have seen people replying to various job posting boards with terrible grammar. Let me ask you if you were outsourcing a portion of your business, would you entrust that work with someone who did not take the time (a.k.a. laziness) or does not have the capability to write a proper response?

Probably not.

When you come across a job posting that you want to pitch for, do not word vomit into the reply box. Take your time to craft a well thought out and grammatically correct response carefully. I recommend taking it out of the area where you’d respond (e.g., Facebook, email, etc.) and draft your answer in the notes area on your phone or computer. This way there is no possibility of accidentally pressing send before you were ready.

The choice to hire a Virtual Assistant takes a lot of trust. Your future clients are trusting that you are going to treat their business like you would your own. If their first impression of you is that you do not professionally present yourself, chances are they aren’t going to be able to trust you to represent their business either.

A few things to remember when sending professional emails and responses:

  • Never, ever use slang or abbreviations.
  • Emojis are not for professional emails.
  • Be sure to double and triple check the spelling of your potential client’s name and business.
  • Write in complete sentences. Do not write run-on sentences.
  • Always spell check.
  • When in doubt read it out loud.

Remember, when pitching a potential client, your message is probably the first impression they are going to get of you. When a business owner has a collection of 30+ potential hires, a quick and easy way to narrow down the candidates is by the impact of your first impression. Make a bad one, and it’s back to grind. Because in today’s digital age, first impressions are often faceless. So you must make an impression with your words.

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