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Personal Development For The Self-Employed

As self-employed #bossbabes, we often get so caught up in taking care of our clients that we forget to take care of ourselves and our minds. While it is essential for everyone (not just bosses) to continue to grow and develop, it is even more critical for us bosses to carve out time for personal development practices as we will only improve in our businesses if we continue to grow our mind and take care of our soul.

I believe personal development can be broken down into two categories: Business & Mind. The Business Personal Development category encompasses continuing education, best practices, tip & tricks, etc. The Mind Personal Development category takes care of everything that is good for the soul; relationships, spiritual, etc. Both types of personal development are so essential for the #bossbabe to flourish in her own life and career.

Carving out time for personal development can be the hard part. How do you find the time to do things for yourself when you are spending so much time working for your clients? Easy. You find pockets of your day and methods of personal development that work for your lifestyle. This can be listening to personal development while putting your makeup on or driving to and from your errands. Another great option is subscribing to emails from some of your favorite business builders and coaches; they will often send snippets of their best content so you can quickly absorb information while checking your daily emails.

My favorite ways to get in my daily personal development fix are listening to podcasts (my current obsession is Being BossĀ – highly recommend for any entrepreneur) and listening to books on Audible. Listening to “books on tape” takes me back to my childhood and it’s a great way to listen while getting other necessary daily tasks done like cleaning, cooking, or showering.

However you like it, you must do your personal development. At least 30 minutes a day, more if you can fit it in. If we are not growing our minds, how can we expect to grow our businesses? But, remember, personal development does not do anything if you do not implement the tools and techniques you learn into your daily life. Growth will be inevitableĀ if you take the time to apply what you learn.

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