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How to Start Your Own VA Business

You’ve decided you want to be your own boss and work towards starting your own VA business. Congrats! That’s very exciting and a massive step on a fantastic journey!

Now, I know you’re thinking, “How in the world do I even get started?”.

First things first, think of what you’re good at.

What do you enjoy doing? What industries do you know best? What technology platforms are you skilled at? Write a list.

How can you capitalize on that? What niche are you able to fill? What makes you stand out?

Don’t overthink about this. Make your business narrow enough so you are not overwhelmed but broad enough to attract a variety of clients. Focus on 2-3 platforms to become REALLY good at.

Some potential options are e-mail, WordPress, Pinterest, Social Media, YouTube, lead management, among many others. The possibilities are practically endless!

Next, you need to create a plan.

Now that you know what your business will be focused on, you need to figure out how you are going to find your clients.

Basically, how are you going to market yourself? Can you reach out to your friends and family or do you need to go a more traditional job search route? What social media platforms do you want to utilize to get the word out?

Also, during this time, you need to think about things like: How many hours can I devote to my VA clients each week? How much should I charge? How am I going to charge? Do I have a contract for my future clients? These are fundamental business aspects to think of before taking on your first client.

Make sure to think about these aspects before your first interview. You want to be prepared and not sound like you are not organized and secure in your business.

Go out and do it.

Now! Before you overthink, just do it! Send out your first cold-pitch to someone you follow on IG who looks like they might be overwhelmed. Announce to your friends and family about your new business. Create your website.

Stop thinking about all the reasons you’re not ready and just do it. Think of how much further you’ll be in six months from now if you start now instead of waiting. You might be six months away from making 2k per month!

And don’t forget, I’m here to help! Let me guide you through the process of finding your first client one-on-one. Contact me below and let’s get to work!

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