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How to Find Your Niche

So you’ve decided you want to work from home and you’ve decided that being a Virtual Assistant sounds perfect for you… now what? Now, you need to find your niche.

What is a niche?

A niche is your particular, very tailored set of skills that allow you to market to a specific type of business. A niche is what will enable you to find your ideal client.

Are you a freak with numbers? Are you an award-winning salesperson? Is customer service your jam? Or maybe your experience lies within real estate. Those are all niches that allow you to market yourself in the Virtual Assistant world.

Why is having a niche important? Can’t I do it all?

Finding your niche is extremely important before you jump into the world of Virtual Assisting. You need to know the skills and experience you possess that make you perfect for the client you are proposing for.

When you have your niche, it allows you to confidently say, “I am exactly what you are looking for because I am an expert in (insert niche) and know I will be able to help your business excel.”

On the other hand, if you don’t have a niche and have a client you are sending a proposal to it would sound more like this, “I can help you with your business because I can do that.”

Which one sounds more convincing?

When you have a niche, you can cut down on the number of jobs you send proposals to because you know exactly which positions you are perfect for. It cuts down on the work you have to do to find jobs and convinces the client that you are perfect for the job they have.

So how do I find my niche?

Start by writing down all of the skills you have and the past jobs you’ve held in one column. Write down EVERYTHING. Have you sold crayons? Write it down. Have you counted money? Write it down. Anything that you’ve done could add up to a skill that your niche is looking for.

In a new column, write down all of the things you enjoy, or even love, to do. Do you love clothes? Do you love numbers? Do you have a passion for animals? Anything you love, write it down.

Now, your job is to find a connection between the two columns.

If you have data entry, Gsuite, and sales experience in column A and customer service and technology in column B, then a possible niche could be customer service and CRM management for technology-based businesses.

If you have proofreading, graphic design, and Microsoft Office in column A and weddings in column B, then a possible niche could be Blog Management for Wedding and Event Planners.

The options are endless.

Remember, when you start out you probably will not have your exact niche figured out yet. It will grow and develop with you as you progress and learn new skills and learn what you like and don’t like to do. But, having a starting place will help you out significantly when you are sending proposals to clients.

Clients want to hire experts in their field who love doing what they’re doing. Not just someone who is doing tasks because they have to do it to make money. Remember that.

Need help with finding your niche. Contact me and let’s chat and get you on your way to finding your niche.

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