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First Impressions Begin with a Professional Email

What’s the first thing that a lot of your potential clients will see from you? More than likely it will be an email. If it’s not the first thing they will see, it’s the 2nd. Making your emails look, sound, and perform like a professional is a key part of building your business for many reasons. One thing that I see a lot of new business builders do is to send email from a generic Gmail account. Please, if you are reading this and are starting a business or, for that matter, have a business, do NOT do this!

Why is it so important to not send an email from

It may seem silly, but I have a strong passion against using a Gmail account for a number of reasons.

  1. It just plain doesn’t look professional. Once you establish a business and have intentions of building that business to make money, everything you do should establish a professional image. Sending an email from, gives off the vibe of, “I cannot afford to spend the $5 per month to get a business email account and/or I do not know how to do so”.
  2. Once you are at the point where you are starting to establish a mailing list of emails and you want to be able to send out a weekly newsletter, you can’t do so with a gmail account. And if you do, send an email to a mailing list from an account, the chances of you going to SPAM are way higher than if you had an email coming from a professional domain.

So, how can I easily set up a professional email?

It is way easier than you think and there are few ways you can go about it.

The first thing you need to do is purchase a domain name. If you already have a website up and running, you already have this, but if you don’t – do so now. You can get them for around $10-$15. I always purchase my domains from But there are plenty of other options out there, just do your research and make sure you know what you are paying now and what you will be paying upon renewal. A lot of domain companies will give you a steep discount your first year and then up the charge 10x come your 2nd year renewal.

Next thing to do is to decide what system you want your email in. When you purchase your domain name there is often an option to add on an email account. Through GoDaddy you can purchase an email account through Microsoft 365 (Outlook). The good thing about this, is that the account basically sets itself up for you.

My preference though, is to make an account through GSuite. This allows you to have all of the benefits of Gmail, such as Google Forms, Google Drive, etc but with a professional email domain. For a basic email account through GSuite, it’s $5/month. Well worth it for the organization and professionalism that comes with having an email account through your domain. They also provide detailed instructions on how to set up your GSuite account upon registering. It’s not difficult at all.

What should my professional email be?

Make your email address be something that is personal, but also easy to spell. Don’t use complicated last names or lengthy full names as they could often get misspelled and therefore not reach you.

Think of what your domain name is and how it would flow. For me, because my domain is I decided that was a little repetitive, therefore I chose Something easy to remember and spell.

Avoid words like and Emails coming from accounts like these can often get caught up in SPAM filters and after doing all of the work to set up an email account, you definitely do not want that.

Overall, you just have to think of your email account as the gateway to your business. How do you want to be viewed by potential clients? How do you view other businesses you communicate with based on their emails? Think like the professional business owner you are and you will be good to go!

Want an outside opinion on your email account or domain name? Email me at and I will be more than happy to give you a free consultation.

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